Attention is a crucial cognitive ability which plays an essential role in our academic, professional, and daily functioning.
Attention problems are very common! They can occur in


Luckily, attention can be tested and trained. ViSUM offers products to measure as well as improve attention.

ViSUM includes two module components

Attention Testing

ViSUM uses VR technology along with eye tracking technology to provide the most valid and accurate form of cognitive assessment.

Attention Rehabilitation

Using VR technology as well as machine learning algorithms, ViSUM provides a cognitive training system that are ecologically valid, improving participants’ performance not just during the training sessions but also in real life situations.

We will get your attention back!

Eye Movement

Our eyes react to the environment movement and visual stimuli. Human eye movements, voluntary or involuntary, eventually are exerted by the brain. Eye movements tell us much about what is going on in our brains! By measuring and processing eye movements we can learn about cognitive essence and psychological processing.

Eye Fixations

Eye Fixations is the maintaining of the visual gaze on a single location and the way that humans gather information. Human fixate on an object on a monitor before any experiment takes place. This serves to direct the person's attention to the point where visual information will be presented.

Pupil Dilation

Pupil Dilation Is the widening of the pupil that can provide indices of attention, interest, or emotion. the measurement of changes in pupil diameter is a method inferring different types of activity in the brain.

Why ViSUM?


ViSUM includes a realistic representation of the tasks, adaptable to patient’ performance, and it tracks eye fixation and movements.

ViSUM use machine learning algorithms to increase its accuracy and efficacy with experience.

Since testing and intervention can be administered through internet, it’s accessible for people who have mobility problems. A mobile version app will be developed, so that smartphones can be used to run ViSUM.

ViSUM is inexpensive.

we use virtual reality technology.

Do you gave any questions about ViSUM?

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Mohamad Habibnejad

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Amir Rajabi

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Dr. Mohamadali Besharat

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Mansoor Omrani

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Samira Haghsheno

Creative Designer
Dalhousie University
Atlantic ADHD Centre
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