What do attention problems do to us?

When we talk about attention problems, most of the people think of ADHD; but attention problems are actually very common in various conditions. They are found in 46-92% of stroke survivors, 20% of brain injury patients, and considerable number of people suffering from epilepsy, anxiety and learning disabilities.

Attention problems increase the rate of accidents.

They undermine individuals’ academic and professional performance.

In some sensitive careers they might also lead to fatal consequences.

Our Mission

We are a VR-based startup that wants to get your attention back. Using VR technology and machine learning and data mining, as well as tracking eye movements and pupil dilation, we design detailed attention tests tailored to your problem. These attention tests are tailored to each person's abilities and problems, and the graphical environment is designed based on the environment in which the person needs to increase attention. That is, the environment is changeable and flexible. It can be school or home or workplace. Our attention test and rehabilitation have the ability to become more difficult step by step, depending on how the patients progress. In addition, tests can be designed for specific occupations that require high attention, such as surgeons or firefighters, pilots or police... For example, in this way:

  • the firefighter sees herself in sensitive and dangerous situations and practices to keep her focus high even in sensitive situations.
  • If a senior citizen often has difficulty finding the path to her house, we can define a graphic space based on it, and she can practice in the same path and increase his attention.
  • if your child has difficulty learning and doing homework, you can use ViSUM to draw her attention to her homework.

Why Choose Us?

Current market solutions are paper-based measures that are cheap, but since they require experts to implement and interpret raw data, the total cost of testing and treatment would be high. Yet, they are not very accurate. Computerized measures are expensive, and they need experts to implement and interpret too. So, they are even more expensive. EEG-based therapy which has become common recently is relatively effective, but its effects are short-lived. Besides, they require highly trained staff, and the clients need to attend the clinic or hospital to be evaluated or trained. And their cost is prohibitive. To address these issues, we are developing ViSUM, a VR-based device that will offer high sensitivity and accuracy while keeping the costs reasonable. ViSUM uses flexible patterns and algorithms based on highly accurate machine learning methods and procedures.

Our Vision

We want to bring people’s attention back into their daily lives; at the same time, stay cheap and accurate. We want to help people improve their quality of life by bringing their attention back to them and bring happiness and vitality to their lives. Get your attention back; for everyone, from everywhere, at any time.

Meet ViSUM Team!

We have a strong team of psychologists, neuroscientists, and tech experts who have made this possible, and their abilities as well as their interest in their work lead ViSUM to its vision.

Mohamad Habibnejad
Mohamad Habibnejad
C.E.O & cofounder


Amir Rajabi
Amir Rajabi
C.T.O & cofounder

computer scientist

Dr. Mohamadali Besharat
Dr. Mohamadali Besharat


Mansoor Omrani
Mansoor Omrani

Specialises in Microsoft & Web Technologies

Samira Haghsheno
Samira Haghsheno
Creative Designer

Dalhousie University
Atlantic ADHD Centre
ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching Ltd